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Wiphi has years of experience in retail being the digital agency of Arcus Real Estate for Sicily Outlet Village and Torino Outlet Village for many years.

In this long path, following the customer’s communication strategies, we have followed visibility campaigns on Social Networks and managed Web Marketing campaigns, created the web portal for the two Outlets, designed a tool to manage the promotions of the stores within the Outlet, managed the contents on digital totems, developed the Mobile App.


Wiphi for Sicilia Outlet Village Facebook page has reached a fanbase of 350,000 fans starting from 70,000 with a great engagement of the public who actively responds to the pages with requests for information and sharing the shopping experience .

For Torino Outlet Village Facebook page, the company managed the launch and opening of the Outlet, reaching 110,000 fans in less than two years, with a progressive loyalty of a clientele very attentive to promotional initiatives.

Visibility campaigns

Wiphi takes care of advertising for both luxury outlets, managing an average of 60 outlet advertising campaigns per year.

Year 2013/14
Year 2018/19

Wiphi takes care of the creative concept of the Instagram channel of Sicilia Outlet Village and Torino Outlet Village, involving a clientele profiled by common interests related to shopping. We communicate 100 initiatives a year such as events, concerts, promotions, style tips, sales and extra sales.


The company responds to all reviews for both outlets by providing after-sales assistance and improving the tourist and shopping experience of customers, taking care of customer satisfaction.


The company has years of experience in social care and provides real-time information, welcomes customer inquiries and monitors all customer comments and reviews.
Wiphi dealt with crisis management.


The web portals of both outlets were created with dedicated CMS and the graphic and layout creation of Wiphi.

The average of daily visits is 3,500 unique visits and the most visited pages are those dedicated to tourism with the shuttle service; the page dedicated to brands; the page dedicated to offers and news.

About special offers and promotions, sales are supported by landing pages which show the products of the brands participating in the initiative and the related retail, outlet and special promo prices.


Live communication of on-site events for Torino Outlet Village with the related graphic creation, design and schedule of the contents on the digital totems that the Outlet is equipped with. We have activated a count down for the communication of the Extra Sales: customers view the stores that adhere to the initiative every hour.


Wiphi has created the Mobile Apps for both Outlets to improve the shopping experience of customers. The total downloads are 18,000 (of which: 10,000 iOS and 8,000 Android) for Torino Outlet and 28,696 (of which: 19,413 iOS and 9,283 Android) for Sicilia Outlet. Among the services of the App we remember the registration to the Vip Club which gives exclusive advantages to those who register *  .

* All web content, data collection, database augmentation and our applications are developed in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 regarding the protection of personal data, in compliance with the GDPR.


Wiphi has created a tool that allows Shopping Centers and Outlets to manage and coordinate the promotional activities of the stores and give visibility to the events, on a single dedicated web space.

The Promotional Tool connects easily with the website and social channels, thus optimizing all promotional activities through a single web platform: thanks to the tool in 2019 we managed 1,500 promotional initiatives of international brands such as Armani Outlet, Michael Kors , Patrizia Pepe , Pinko, Adidas, Puma, Nike and many others.
The access system is easy and immediate, the web page can be viewed on all devices and credentials are customised for each store with wizards. The tool allows the publication of the promotional initiatives of the stores participating in a special initiative.